With more than 5 years in fintech and blockchain industry, we understand the bariers and pain points that users face at all levels. Therefore, we bring you Krystal - an all-in-one DeFi platform that fits your every demand.
With Krystal, you can store digital assets on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (and even more chains in the future), exchange them with the best rates, utilize low gas fee, save / lend /supply them to earn interest, accumulate points to redeem in ETH (on Ethereum) or BNB (on Binance Smart Chain) and many more upcoming features.
you control your funds in krystal
you control your funds in krystal

In a typical custodial wallet - the private key is managed by a third party and you're first required to deposit your funds before making any transactions.

With Krystal, you don't need to do that because Krystal is non-custodial. It means you hold your own private key while having full control over your fund. Just connect your Ethereum wallet and you'll have access to all Krystal Services directly.

Manage your portfolio and track the balance of your wallets.
Krystal is integrated with various liquidity protocols on different chains such as Kyber, Uniswap, SushiSwap (on Ethereum) and PancakeSwap (on Binance Smart Chain) to ensure the best rate for you.
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Don't want to take risk from the volatility of the market? In that case, Krystal's Earn service is the best choice for you!
Krystal will query all lending platforms such as Aave and Compound to provide the best interest rate for you. With an intuitive and friendly UI, you can setup and enjoy your earned interest fast and easy.
Krystal Point
Krystal Point(s) are reward points that you can convert to ETH or BNB and transfer to your wallets. The value of each Krystal Point is fixed at 0.0001 ETH (on Ethereum) and 0.0001 BNB (on Binance Smart Chain). There are various ways to accrue Krystal Points: Referral Program, Retweet Campaigns, Learn & Earn, Stake, Quests, etc.
Don’t wait, download the app & earn Krystal Points now.
Referral program
Invite your friends to trade on Krystal and earn up to 0.04% per each transaction of them
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Referral program
You can invite friends to use Krystal via referral codes. Then you can earn Krystal Points based on the trading volume of your referred friends.

In order to earn referral rewards, simply:

  • 1- Install Krystal iOS or Android
  • 2- Import your wallet to Krystal
  • 3- Get 05 different Referral Codes in Explore/Krystal Points/Referral
  • 4- Share those codes and links to download Krystal to your friends
  • 5- Sit back and get rewards in Krystal Points
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